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Assure – Online Public Notice

  • Notifies clients regarding any public notice issued on their assets through alerts.
  • Online repository of Public Notices.
  • Convenient place for storing and retrieving announcements.
  • Timely alerts through email & SMS helps client to take well informed decisions.
  • Covered 42 newspapers from MMR currently everyday.
  • Covering an average of 150 notices on a daily basis.

- Notifies clients of public notices concerning their properties
- Enables clients to take appropriate legal action in crucial limited time

Online Public Notice India

Purpose of Public Notice?

  • Topmost form on making an public announcement of intention to undertake a transaction, pre-requisite to establish a legal claim on a property, checking for liabilities on a property etc.

  • On missing of public notice by the concerned person, the counter-party could take a stand in court of law that they had made a valid public notice issuance.

Types of Notices

Demand Notice

Public Notice Of Inquiry

Inviting Tender for sell of property

Property Claim

Property Mortgage

Possession Notice

Document Lost / Duplicate Application

Redevelopment Notice

Court Notice

Auction Notice

Current & Prospective Stakeholders

Developers/Asset Owners

  • Important to track public notices on the properties owned by them.
  • This will ensure that they don't miss any untoward incident regarding the properties they own.


  • Properties are an important asset class in the security portfolio.
  • It is important to track and be in know how on anything happening w.r.t property (transaction,title notice,litigation notice etc.).


  • Many lawyers check public notices in newspapers on behalf on their clients.
  • Typically, it is a time consuming,tedious and under paid task when compared to the effort and time involved .

Newspapers Covered


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